The guiding principles at The Ashforth Company are: Commitment, Quality, People and Practices. People: We foster teamwork, personal growth, creativity and leadership. We encourage respect for the individual, communication, optimism, and a sense of humor. Our goal is to encourage our employees to lead healthy lifestyles by providing education and resources that will help them make small changes throughout their day.

April Awareness

Autism Awareness Month

There is no known single cause of autism, but increased awareness and early diagnosis/intervention and access to appropriate services/supports lead to significantly improved outcomes.

Financial Wellness

Spring Cleaning Your Finances

You know spring is on the way – but while cleaning out a closet feels good, dusting off your finances can feel even better.

Emotional Wellness

Healthy Sleep

Research shows that a number of vital tasks carried out during sleep help people stay healthy and function at their best.

Monthly Health Tip

5 Ways to Beat Spring Allergies

Start these strategies today to get some relief.

Monthly Safety Tip

Top 10 Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

When you start tearing the house apart during spring cleaning, it is doubly important to keep safety in mind.


7 No-Sweat Workouts for Your Lunch Hour

These eight office‐friendly exercise ideas will help you get healthier and stronger without having to break a sweat.

Ashforth’s Walking Club – Starting April 3rd, every Monday and Wednesday, 12:15-12:50pm The sign-up sheet is posted on the Wellness Board in the 4th floor kitchen.

3001 Stamford Square Fitness Center

The state-of-the-art facility features strength equipment, treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, and upright bikes, as well as full-service locker rooms with showers and towel service.

Ashforth employees receive a 50% discount off annual membership. Click here for the brochure and application.

Personal trainer available. Click here for more information. Read about how to Sit Less, Move More


Healthy Recipes

Produce Spotlight


Seasonal Food Guide – Find what’s in season in your area

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