The guiding principles at The Ashforth Company are: Commitment, Quality, People and Practices. People: We foster teamwork, personal growth, creativity and leadership. We encourage respect for the individual, communication, optimism, and a sense of humor. Our goal is to encourage our employees to lead healthy lifestyles by providing education and resources that will help them make small changes throughout their day.

August Awareness

August is Gastroparesis Awareness Month

Gastroparesis is a long-term condition that can impair quality of life and well-being. Living with gastroparesis affects not only those who suffer but also many others.

Financial Wellness

4 Ways to Simplify Your Finances & Save

Small changes can help you save more and grow your money.

Emotional Wellness

Tapping the Power of Optimism

You don’t have to be a “born optimist” to use the power of optimism.

Monthly Health Tip

What Does Your Face Say About Your Health?

A closer peek may show clues about your health…if you know what to
look for.

Monthly Safety Tip

Summer Heat Safety Tips

It’s important to keep in mind that hot weather can be dangerous if proper precautions aren’t taken.


10 Exercises to Turn the Outdoors into a Gym

Don’t let your love of the gym make you miss a gorgeous day outside. Do this outdoor workout to tone up, slim down, and sculpt all over.

3001 Stamford Square Fitness Center

Ashforth employees receive a 50% discount off annual membership. Click here for the brochure and application.

Personal trainer available. Click here for more information.


Ashforth Health Insurance Links:
Aetna | Delta Dental | EyeMed | Stirling Benefits

Farm Shares at Work:

Summer and Fall CSA offered at 707 Summer Street, 3001 Stamford Square, and Greenwich Plaza. Farm shares are delivered directly to each building lobby weekly. Full and half shares are available. Click for more information & to sign up.
5 Things to Do Before Your First CSA Pickup


New online produce delivery service directly to 707 Summer Street featuring fruit and vegetable bag subscriptions as well as à la carte local produce items, bread, cheese, eggs, pasta, salad, yogurt, and more from over 60 small farms and producers. Tuesday deliveries. Click for more information & to sign up.

Fairgate Farm: Support a local Stamford-based farm!