The guiding principles at The Ashforth Company are: Commitment, Quality, People and Practices. People: We foster teamwork, personal growth, creativity and leadership. We encourage respect for the individual, communication, optimism, and a sense of humor. Our goal is to encourage our employees to lead healthy lifestyles by providing education and resources that will help them make small changes throughout their day.

September Awareness

Blood Cancer Awareness Month

Every three minutes, someone is diagnosed with blood cancer – more than 201,870 new cases are expected this year in the United States.

Financial Wellness

8 Signs Your Budget Needs an Overhaul

Budgeting is a great tool to help you save money, but it is important to recognize when your budget needs to be reworked.

Emotional Wellness

Exercise and Stress: Get Moving to Manage Stress

Exercise in almost any form can act as a stress reliever. Being active can boost your feel-good endorphins and distract you from daily worries.

Monthly Health Tip

Heart-Healthy Diet Quick Tips

1. One banana has 422 mg – about 12% of your recommended daily dose – of potassium.

Monthly Safety Tip

How to Keep Kids Safe as They Head Back to School

Keeping children safe is the top priority, especially for younger children and those heading to school for the first time.


25 Easy Ways to Fit in 10 Minutes of Exercise

Breaking exercise into small chunks on your overscheduled days can also keep your confidence up, since skipping it altogether can make you feel tired, guilty, or depressed.

Ashforth’s Walking Club – Every Monday and Wednesday, 12:15-12:50pm The sign-up sheet is posted on the Wellness Board in the 4th floor kitchen.

3001 Stamford Square Fitness Center

Ashforth employees receive a 50% discount off annual membership. Click here for the brochure and application.

Personal trainer available. Click here for more information.


Get everything you need for lasting weight loss with Real Appeal. SM

Your program includes: Personalized weight loss coaching, 24/7 online support and mobile app, and success kit. Enroll now to get this program for FREE!

Health Advocate Now Available: Read about this exciting free service.

Healthy Recipes

Produce Spotlight


Seasonal Food Guide – Find what’s in season in your area

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