The Ashforth Company is committed to continuously assessing and improving our environmental performance. We believe our organization-wide environmental management approach is a responsible business practice and will increase Ashforth’s value, add value to our clients and aid in preserving the environment for future generations.

Stamford Lauches State’s First Massive Energy-Efficiency Plan

The city becomes the first in the state to implement a large scale energy-efficiency plan that officials estimate could save as much as $1 million a year.

Stamford 2030 District Releases Annual Report

Properties voluntarily committed to the Stamford 2030 District goals, including Ashforth’s 707 Summer Street and 3001 Stamford Square, began their progress in 2015 by reporting monthly energy consumption and performance data.

Local & Green

Ashforth Employees Help Clean Up Mill River Park

The Ashforth Company proudly partnered with KPMG to observe Earth Day 2016 by sponsoring a spring cleanup project at Stamford’s Mill River Park & Greenway for the 5th consecutive year.

Green Innovations

Edible Rings On Six-Packs Feed Marine Life If They End Up In The Ocean

Saltwater Brewery in Delray Beach, Florida, has created edible six-pack rings that feed, rather than kill, marine life if the rings end up in the ocean and an animal happens to eat it.

Sustainability News

Increasing Community Resilience Through Building Codes & Standards

Ashforth is committed to creating a more resilient Stamford through its involvement with the Stamford 2030 District. For National Building Safety Month, the government announced a number of efforts aimed at increasing resilience in building codes and standards.

Starbucks Leads Nationwide Effort to Donate Food

In the first year alone, Starbucks® FoodShare, a program to donate ready-to-eat meals to food banks, will be able to provide nearly 5 million meals to individuals and families in need of nourishing food.

Local Events

Public Sails Aboard the Schooner SoundWaters – June 24-Sept. 25

Work together to raise the sails, examine firsthand the rich diversity of the life that exists beneath the waves, sample and test water quality, learn about hypoxia, and analyze groundwater. Stamford

Audubon Connecticut Opens New Nature Play Trail – June 18

This unique and interactive playscape at Audubon Connecticut’s Greenwich location will engage children of all ages in imaginative and active outdoor play in a safe space filled with native plants, trees, birds, and other local wildlife.

The Ashforth Company is a proud Audubon Connecticut donor.


Going Green at Home

Live Each Week Like It’s Earth Week: A Week’s Worth of Sustainable Challenges

Each day for a week, challenge yourself to act more sustainably.

Ashforth held its seventh Annual Environmental Awareness Week to promote sustainability, conservation, and awareness at its owned and managed buildings during the week of April 18-22.

Ashforth Reports

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Please send story ideas to the Ashforth Green Council.

The Ashforth Green Council’s goal is to identify and implement new ways Ashforth can reduce its impact on the environment, and increase sustainability awareness among our employees, clients and vendors. Improving Ashforth’s sustainability strengthens our integrity and community commitment, as well as our bottom line – values consistent with the company’s Operating Principles.