WegoWise provides energy benchmarking software to District members

In 2015, The Ashforth Company became a founding member of the Stamford 2030 District, the sixth 2030 district nationwide and the first in New England. The Stamford 2030 District is a private-public partnership of building owners, service professionals, and community stakeholders working toward together to improve economic development by increasing resiliency to storms, sea level rise, and other outside forces. Stamford 2030 is simultaneously working to reduce energy use, water use, and transportation emissions.

As part of the process of assessing the District’s current building performance relative to the 2030 goals of building energy and water use, all members receive one year of WegoWise’s energy benchmarking service. Ashforth’s choose its 3001 Stamford Square property in Stamford to receive this benefit. WegoWise provides users with a web-based dashboard that automatically imports data from hundreds of utility companies across North America, in order to benchmark energy and water usage. Their software is able to benchmark portfolios and provide deeper analytics into your building’s energy performance to find savings opportunities.

Each month, utility data automatically uploads into the WegoWise platform for ongoing tracking and analysis. Data can compare utility usage across buildings, developments, regions, retrofit categories, and other customized groupings. Benchmarking data is the foundation for improving the efficiency of buildings. In addition to benchmarking, WegoWise can also identify spikes in utility usage.

In addition to 3001 Stamford Square, Ashforth has contracted WegoWise to track and provide feedback on the consumption of both water and energy usage at its other owned and managed properties in Fairfield County, CT: Greenwich Plaza in Greenwich and 707 Summer Street in Stamford, and two buildings in Portland, OR.

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