Stamford Hospital’s Bennett Cancer Center held its 21st annual Hope in Motion Walk & Run event, on National Cancer Survivor’s Day Sunday June 5th 2016.

As the founding and presenting sponsor, Ashforth partnered with Stamford Hospital 21 years ago in part to bring awareness to how much cancer has affected the lives of people in our community and to reach out in the community to let people know what an outstanding, local cancer center we have available to us.

“Ashforth is proud to be part of this well-organized, quality community event and even more proud to be a part of helping make Hope in Motion one of the longest running and largest participatory charitable events in Connecticut,” said Darrell Harvey, co-CEO of The Ashforth Company.

The event has raised $13 million over 21 years. 100% of all donations go directly to sustain quality-of-life programs and services at the Bennett Cancer Center including integrative medicine, survivorship, cancer recovery program, support services, transportation, a nutrition program, and much more. This is all provided free of charge to patients.

Ashforth annually provides a financial contribution, a fundraising team, and marketing services in-kind. Over the 21 years, this total has exceeded $1.1 million.

This year, Ashforth’s team was one of the top corporate fundraising teams, raising $14,040. Special thanks to our team captains Andrew Martinez, Jessica Puk and Micheline Shola for coordinating the team and several other fundraising events leading up to the day of event.

Watch the Hope in Motion – 20 Years video.

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