The Ashforth Company along with 20 other companies from Stamford and Greenwich supported The Workplace Volunteer Council of United Way of Western Connecticut’s 25th Annual Back to School Clothes for Kids program. Employees from these area companies donated many new school outfits and school supplies to 111 students who attend Stamford Public Schools.

Ashforth was assigned to Genesis and Nevin who attend Hart Magnet Elementary School in Stamford. Knowing their favorite colors, sports teams and characters, Ashforth volunteers provided the children with new school outfits, a pair of new sneakers, new fall and winter jackets and a new backpack filled with grade appropriate school supplies.

“I was happy to get involved in this program. It was great to be able to know the specific items the kids needed, made it super easy to shop for them. I hope that we gave the kids some extra confidence in starting a new school year, with new clothes and all the supplies they need to be successful!” said Courtney Walsh, Staff Accountant – Albert B. Ashforth, Inc.

The mission of Back to School Clothes for Kids is to provide new clothes and school supplies to kids who are truly in need. Local schools report that many children miss the first few days of school because they are uncomfortable wearing their old clothing while their peers have new clothes and supplies. Back to School Clothes for Kids provides kids with new school outfits and all their requested supplies, so they can attend their first days of school with a comfortable smile.