Ashforth employees volunteered with 70 additional volunteers from Stamford and Greenwich companies in support of The Volunteer Center’s Business-to-Books Read-a-Thon. This is Ashforth’s 11th year participating in the program since the Company joined The WorkPlace Volunteer Council in 2003. The Read-a-Thon has been held annually for 11 years.

Volunteers George Ferris, Andrew Martinez, Lynanne Hourihan, Rachel Grossman, and Mary Farrell read two or three short stories to first grade classes at the Davenport School in Stamford. Teachers from each classroom picked books for each of the volunteers to read.

“The read-a-thon was a rewarding and enlightening experience. When I was in kindergarten, classes were half day and we worked with felt and clay. Kids today are entering kindergarten having already learned to read. Their experience with the reading of books enforces the importance and enjoyment of literacy for personal growth. Both the teachers and students were very appreciative. Count me in for next year,” said Rachel Grossman, Ashforth volunteer.

The Business-to-Books Read-a-Thon was designed to enhance public education by increasing community volunteerism in schools. The program is a fun, hassle-free and meaningful way to get involved.

The Ashforth Company is a member of The Workplace Volunteer Council supported by The Volunteer Center of United Way of Western Connecticut and through this organization the Company is able to offer employees various volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

The Volunteer Center serves non-profit organizations, employers and individuals by coordinating their talents and resources, to build the capacity of agencies with the goal of enhancing the quality of life in our communities through volunteerism.

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