As part of its ongoing efforts to promote sustainability, conservation and awareness, Ashforth offers a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, provided by Stone Gardens Farm, based in Shelton, CT.

In 2015, Ashforth expanded the Farm Shares at Work program to 3001 Stamford Square and increased participation at 707 Summer Street. 43 participants received weekly shares of hand-packed boxes full of fresh farm products during the summer and fall seasons. This year, the program has expanded to Ashforth’s Greenwich Plaza property.

Tenants can sign up for either a full or half share during the summer and fall seasons. The weekly share consists of hand packed boxes full of fresh farm products. Delivery of the farm shares are made once a week on Thursdays and setup in the building lobbies. In addition to the farm share, participants receive a weekly newsletter directly from the farm consisting of description of foods, recipes and useful tips. Feedback on the program has been positive according to Andrew Martinez, who is Corporate Marketing Administrator of The Ashforth Company and coordinates the program. “The farm share program has done wonders in terms of convenience. It gave me a chance to try vegetables I wouldn’t normally get on my own,” said one fall share tenant participant.

Benefits in purchasing vegetables directly from a farm include: fresher food, support of local businesses, less environmental impact, promotes food safety, and preserves green space & farmland.

Click for information and how to sign up.

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