Ashforth Introduces Farm-to-Office program; Expands Farm Share at Work Program

As part of Ashforth’s ongoing sustainability efforts, the Company introduced a new Farm-to-Office online produce delivery service at its 707 Summer Street property in Stamford. Field Goods features fruit and vegetable bag subscriptions as well as à la carte local produce items from over 60 small farms and producers.

During the inaugural month, eight participants signed up and offered positive feedback, resulting in the program being offered year round. Field Goods donated $10 to the Bennett Cancer Center at Stamford Hospital for each new customer who signed up. Given the success, the program will now also be offered at 3001 Stamford Square.

Ashforth also continued to offer its Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for the 5th consecutive year. Ashforth partners with Shelton, CT based Stone Gardens Farm to offer its Farm Share at Work program at its owned properties in CT during the summer and fall growing seasons.

For the 2018 summer season beginning in June, 33 participants from Greenwich Plaza, 707 Summer Street and 3001 Stamford Square have signed up to receive weekly shares of hand-packed boxes full of fresh farm products.

“Having participated in both programs, I can see firsthand the benefits of each. With both programs running simultaneously, we now have the ability to expand the convenience of having fresh produce delivered right to the office,” said Andrew Martinez, Marketing Project Manager of The Ashforth Company and coordinator of these programs.

Benefits in purchasing vegetables directly from a farm include: fresher food, support of local businesses, less environmental impact, promotes food safety, and preserves green space & farmland.