• Ice Cream Social at 707 Summer Street

  • Ice Cream Social at 2777 Summer Street

  • Ice Cream Social at 1111 Summer Street

  • Ice Cream Social at 3001 Stamford Square

  • Ice Cream Social at Greenwich Plaza

As part of Ashforth’s client appreciation program, the company hosts an annual Ice Cream Social at many of its owned and managed properties through June, July, and August. Ashforth provides a delicious selection of Gifford’s ice cream and frozen yogurt along with a variety of toppings. Live music is featured at several of the buildings. The socials are held in the building common areas such as lobbies and courtyards and run approximately 1.5 hours. CI Dining Services caters Ashforth’s ice cream socials and each year donates one additional ice cream social to a nonprofit of Ashforth’s choice. The Boys & Girls Club of Stamford has been a recipient for many years.

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