Al Guzman

For Outstanding Performance, Service and Commitment
Ashforth’s 2016 Employee of the Year received an all-expenses paid, four day, three night vacation for 2 in Bermuda during 2017.

This nominee performs his job responsibilities consistent with The Ashforth Company’s Operating Principles and he represents our standards of “commitment, quality, people and practices.”   He is reliable, willing to take on new assignments, has a strong belief in maintaining the highest standards of tenant satisfaction and always looks out for the best interests of the Company. Over the 32 years he has been a trusted member of our Greenwich Plaza Team, he has developed long-term relationships with our tenants, always going the extra mile to help them whenever he can. He works tirelessly to ensure Greenwich Plaza has coverage on a 24/7 basis and, his historical knowledge of the property, and experience with the building’s mechanical systems, is a tremendous asset to Ashforth and our management team. To acknowledge his commitment and exemplary work ethic, we are pleased to nominate Al Guzman for the Albert B. Ashforth Employee of the Year Award.

The following nominees for the 2016 ALBERT B. ASHFORTH EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR AWARD were recognized for their “outstanding performance, service and commitment” at The Ashforth Company’s annual holiday party. Each employee who was nominated for the 2016 Employee of the Year received a check for $500.

Gene Marini

This nominee is a Boomerang who worked for APC in 1994 and 1995 and then returned in 2011. He has spent the past 12 months as Superintendent at Edgehill Retirement Community, a Benchmark facility that includes independent living, assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing. This is a very unique and difficult project since it combines new construction and renovations in a facility that is occupied 24/7 by people requiring constant attention. The required level of cleanliness, air quality control, and safety was on the same level as working in an operating hospital. He gained the trust of the staff and the residents by always telling them exactly what was planned, when it was scheduled and then executing as indicated. He kept the residents happy while their lives were being disrupted by the renovation of their rooms. He even drove to the site in the middle of the night during a thunderstorm since he was concerned about water infiltration. In recognition of his character and commitment, we are pleased to nominate Gene Marini for the Albert B. Ashforth Employee of the Year Award.

Steve Arcano

This nominee is a building engineer responsible for five properties. He is always on the move responding to one request or another and frequently after regular business hours. Due to his years of experience, he is able to keep up with the demands of each sites’ building management nuances, boilers and air conditioning systems. Besides being adept in the mechanical room, he also excels and sets the standard for best-in-class customer service.  His positive attitude and friendly nature makes him highly regarded by our tenants. Despite his busy schedule, he is always willing to lend a hand to his fellow engineers often covering shifts when they are on vacation or out sick. He exemplifies the Ashforth operating principles due to his good character, unwavering teamwork and commitment to his business responsibilities. In recognition of his performance and commitment to excellence, we are pleased to nominate Steve Arcano for the Albert B. Ashforth Employee of the Year.

Since starting this Employee of the Year tradition in 1992, 23 employees on the have received the Albert B. Ashforth Award in recognition of his or her outstanding performance, service and commitment to the Company. Previous winners were:

  • 1992: Lisa Horvath
  • 1993: Sharon Bone
  • 1994: Ingrid Heymach
  • 1995: Andy Naylor
  • 1996: Mike D’Amico
  • 1997: Cindy Brennan
  • 1998: Bob Marini
  • 1999: Paul Ouellette
  • 2000: John McCormack
  • 2001: Brian Heelan
  • 2002: Stacey Cassidy
  • 2003: John Pedersen
  • 2004: Carla Smith
  • 2005: Lynnanne Hourihan
  • 2006: David Breidenbach
  • 2007: Luci Rogers
  • 2008: Marc Longo
  • 2009: David Marks
  • 2010: Brian Maloney
  • 2011: Heather Evans
  • 2012: Joe Orlando
  • 2013: Monica Byrne
  • 2014: Gary Wink
  • 2015: Scott Marlow