Scott Marlow

For Outstanding Performance, Service and Commitment
Ashforth’s 2015 Employee of the Year received an all-expenses paid,
four day, three night vacation for 2 in Bermuda during 2016.

Scott Marlow has been with the Company for twenty-two years. While he has always been one of APC’s top performers, during 2015, he encountered unusual challenges that required him to think outside of the box. This year, Scott completed the new 7,000 square foot addition and renovation at Breitling, a quality brand and leader in the watch-making industry, where he served as both Project Manager and Superintendent for this very unique and difficult project. With the design architect in Switzerland, he needed to overcome various design issues including metric measurements, an unusual choice for the skin of the building, and exacting standards for the interior watch repair facility. Throughout it all he maintained the full respect of the Owner who stated the following in a thank you email to A.P. Construction: I want you to know that you are lucky to have a man like Scott working for you.  He has been part of our (Breitling) family for the past 15 months and his professionalism and approach to every problem, with calm, has made this construction period a positive and unforgettable experience for us!”

The following nominees for the 2015 ALBERT B. ASHFORTH EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR AWARD were recognized for their “outstanding performance, service and commitment” at The Ashforth Company’s annual holiday party. Each employee who was nominated for the 2015 Employee of the Year received a check for $500.

Jacquie Monge

This nominee is a tireless professional who always gives 100% in all she does. She is ABA’s “resident road warrior property manager” as she expertly manages a variety of projects located 55 miles apart from Yonkers, NY to Danbury CT. Her properties include  20 South Broadway in Yonkers NY with many New York State agencies as tenants; 17 Popham Road at the Scarsdale train station with an eclectic mix of retail and office tenants such as CVS and Soul Cycle; The Mill in Greenwich that includes a historic 1881 building plus a more contemporary 1981 building and a dam and waterfall that needs to be monitored when floods threaten; 41 North Main Street in Norwalk (the former Norwalk Town Hall and Museum) that is being converted into office space and 500 Post Road East in Westport.

Despite the distance and different attributes of her properties, she is always prepared to manage any building or tenant issues that arise. She deals with every tenant as if they are the largest and highest paying, even when it’s the pizzeria who is three month in arrears in rent. Every tenant knows her name and has her cell phone number and are not bashful using it at all hours of the day, even when she is on vacation at the Jersey Shore.

She mentors and relies on a great staff to accomplish incredible amounts of work.  She is well liked by all and we rely on her to always get the job done. In recognition of her performance and commitment to excellence, we are pleased to nominate Jacquie Monge for the Albert B. Ashforth Employee of the Year.

Mary Farrell

Our next nominee will be with the Company 13 years in January and, over the past 13 years, she has worked with every employee throughout the Company. She has a developed a reputation for being relentless about getting attendance forms and other documents returned to her and she will not stop bugging you until you return them.

She is known for always going the extra mile with her work responsibilities. For example, one Friday in October, the Company’s milk vendor cancelled delivery service with no notice so she didn’t have time to get another vendor lined up before the next work week began. Knowing that employees would be unhappy on Monday morning if they didn’t have their low fat or 2% milk for their coffee, she walked over the Target on that rainy, windy Friday afternoon, with her metal cart, and picked up several gallons of milk for the following week just to make sure that everyone would have what they needed for Monday morning. And, on several occasions this year, you may have seen her lying on her back on the kitchen floor fixing or cleaning out the shredder.

She supports Ashforth’s “green initiatives,” she participates in the annual Scrabble Challenge and she contributes her home-made baked goods to the Hope in Motion Bake Sales. Speaking of attendance, since she was hired in January 2003, she has taken only a half of a sick day in 13 years and that was in 2012 when Rachel ordered her, and her wicked cold germs, to go home.

For all that she does throughout the year, we are pleased to nominate Mary Farrell for the Albert B. Ashforth Employee of the Year Award.

Since starting this Employee of the Year tradition in 1992, 24 employees on the have received the Albert B. Ashforth Award in recognition of his or her outstanding performance, service and commitment to the Company. Previous winners were:

  • 1992: Lisa Horvath
  • 1993: Sharon Bone
  • 1994: Ingrid Heymach
  • 1995: Andy Naylor
  • 1996: Mike D’Amico
  • 1997: Cindy Brennan
  • 1998: Bob Marini
  • 1999: Paul Ouellette
  • 2000: John McCormack
  • 2001: Brian Heelan
  • 2002: Stacey Cassidy
  • 2003: John Pedersen
  • 2004: Carla Smith
  • 2005: Lynnanne Hourihan
  • 2006: David Breidenbach
  • 2007: Luci Rogers
  • 2008: Marc Longo
  • 2009: David Marks
  • 2010: Brian Maloney
  • 2011: Heather Evans
  • 2012: Joe Orlando
  • 2013: Monica Byrne
  • 2014: Gary Wink