The Ashforth Company has retrofitted two of its properties in Connecticut with energy-efficient LED lighting, transforming its spaces and offering a quick return on investment.

Ashforth estimates it will save 56 percent on lighting and energy costs annually. The environmentally conscious company will also drastically reduce its carbon footprint by more than 253,000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.

The retrofit included replacing 1,300, 32-watt, T-8 fluorescent bulbs with high-efficiency LED tube lights throughout lobbies, common areas and garages at Ashforth’s properties: 707 Summer Street – Ashforth’s headquarters and 3001 Stamford Square, both located in Stamford, Conn.

“We’ve seen great progress within the real estate industry with respect to sustainability efforts, and we’re proud to be continually assessing and improving our environmental performance. This technology has become so affordable that most “best in class” office buildings will make the transition to LED lighting as it provides superior light, reduces energy and in turn saves tenants and owners money. We are committed to being a leader in sustainability initiatives and hope others will follow. We are particularly excited that this retrofit helped our 707 Summer Street building achieve an Energy Star rating and increase our rating at 3001 Stamford Square as well,” said Brian Heelan, senior vice president of Albert B. Ashforth, Inc., The Ashforth Company’s property management division.

Ashforth hired Tri-State Lighting, the Northeast distributor of Seesmart lighting products, to replace lighting in building locations typically illuminated twenty-four hours a day, such as garages, stairwells, vestibules and lobbies; thus substantially reducing the properties’ energy consumption. Additionally, lighting maintenance will also be reduced as ballast replacement is eliminated with LED and bulb replacement is extended due to an estimated useful life 10 times the average of traditional lighting products.

It is estimated that the combined savings for the project will be in excess of $200,000.

David Marks, vice president of Albert B. Ashforth, Inc, and property manager for 707 and 3001 Summer Street added, “LED initiatives are one of the simplest way to cut costs and decrease a property’s carbon footprint. Tri-State Lighting helped us build numerous mock up light fixtures to determine the best set-up for our buildings in terms of optimal lighting results and energy and cost savings.  After examining numerous LED products I determined that Seesmart was the one I’d want installed in my buildings as their bulbs provide higher foot-candle readings at lower wattages compared to the competitors.  Other products didn’t compare, making Seesmart products the best solution for Ashforth.”

Marks came across Seesmart about 5 years ago at a Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) annual convention in California. While investigating potential energy saving initiatives for Ashforth, he remembered Seesmart and thought they must be doing something right to still be in the business, as many in this industry have not survived.

Ashforth recently completed a $12 million renovation of its 3001 Stamford Square property which included constructing an aesthetically pleasing grand entrance and main lobby in which Seesmart lighting products were installed adding to the projects overall success.

“The completion of the Ashforth retrofit is another testament to the quality of Seesmart LED linear products. Ashforth is an innovative commercial real estate company, and we are very proud to add such a well-respected national firm to our customer portfolio,” said Kenneth Ames, chief executive officer of Seesmart Technologies, Inc. “We are very happy to have worked with David Marks and other members of Ashforth management to complete this project. Their attention to detail and knowledge of LED technology makes their selection of Seesmart products particularly satisfying.”

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