33 Participate in Ashforth’s Water Hydration Challenge

As part of the Company’s Wellness initiative, Ashforth introduced its first “Hydration Challenge” designed to encourage employees to boost their daily consumption of water. The overall objective of the challenge was to increase consumption of water in place of sugary and caffeine-containing beverages by setting a goal to drink 64 ounces of water each work day.

“We wanted to emphasize to our employees that daily water consumption is an essential component of our body, and what better way than to have a challenge where employees can encourage one another to drink more water” said Joanna Sicuranza, Human Resources Administrator and Corporate Office Manager of The Ashforth Company and coordinator of the challenge.

The month long challenge began May 1st. 33 employees participated and each received a 16-ounce Ashforth logo cup. 12 employees reached the goal of 1,408 ounces for one month and were entered into a pool to win a $50 gift card to Trader Joe’s. Amel Belahi, Project Accountant with A.P. Construction won the Hydration Challenge. “I’m going to try to continue the challenge on my own,” said Belahi.